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Design and Fabrication of Multipurpose Mobility Carriage for Crippled

SCRAP-Shredding Collecting and Remoulding of Aquired Plastics

Bio-Energy---Highly Adaptable Energy System

Dynamic Analysis of Delaminated Composite Plate with Finite Element Method

Studies on Biosorption of Titan Yellow Dye with Hypnea Musciformis Powder and Optimization Through Central Composite Design

Environmental Agents-Mobile Phones

Effect of Cooling Rate and on the Addition of Magnesium on Microstructure, Hardness and Wear Rate of Al-Cu-Mg Alloys using Sand and Permanent Mould Castings

Flywheel Bicycle

Portable Air Conditioner cum Water Dispenser using Hydrocarbon Mixture

Design and Development of Improved Drinking Water Generation in Automobile

Enhancing Rheological and Thermal Properties of a Biodegradable Lubricant Developed from Havea Brasiliensis (Rubber Seed) Oil using Additives

Construction of Control Charts for Some Circular Distributions

Comparative Study on Stabilization of Shedi Soil using Sulphur Sludge and Silica Fume

A Study on Optimum Utilization of Different Mineral Admixtures in High Performance Concrete with Various W/B Ratios

A Study on Effect of Steel Fiber in Fly Ash based Self compacting Concrete

A Comparative Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete by using Copper Slag & Granite Powder as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate

Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using GGBS, Glass Fiber and Ordinary Portland Cement

Comparative Study on Black Cotton Soil Stabilization by using Lime and Sisal Fiber