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 International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology

Smart City using Ubiquotous Computing

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International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology
Volume 3 Issue - 12
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors : Kiran G. Deshmukh ; Yasmeen Shaikh; Tanaya Jadhav; Ritu Shejwalkar; Prof.Puspendu Biswas


     title={Smart City using Ubiquotous Computing},
     author={Kiran G. Deshmukh, Yasmeen Shaikh, Tanaya Jadhav, Ritu Shejwalkar and Prof.Puspendu Biswas},
     journal={International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology},
     publisher={IJIRST (International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology)},


This study aims to develop and design the system that can be used by android phone for controlling the light and water management of an urban area and also the simple home appliances via Local Area Network and internet. This system is developed by using Rapberry Pi and Relay. This system can handle upto four devices at the same time. The whole system is based on the IoT.The Raspberry Pi and Relay can integrated with each other and perform their functions. The IoT aims at making the internet more immersive and pervasive. The IoT can always help to provide the communication, connections and internetworking in between the devices. This system is designed for developing the Smart city vision. This study can avoid the wastage of Water and Light. The communication with server permits the user to pick out the acceptable device. Now a day's due to abundant amount of advancement in wireless sensor network and other computation technologies, it is possible to provide flexible and low cost smart city automation system. Smart cities sponsor future situations where sensor extensiveness, data transfer and interchange, and information mash-up permit enhanced support of every phase of (social) life in human reimbursement.


Android Phone, IoT, Pubnum Cloud, Raspberry Pi, Relay, Smart City, Wi-Fi

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