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Prevention of Service Denial in Collaborative Network

Design of Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger using CFD Tools

A Study on Impact of Polypropylene (Recron-3s) Fibers on Compressive and Tensile Strength of Concrete

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Experimental Analysis on Effect of Steel Fibers on High Strength Geopolymer Concrete

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Object Detection and Tracking from Video Sequence using MATLAB

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Frequency Reconfigurable Log Periodic Microstrip Dipole Antenna Array for Wideband Applications

Black Money and it Eradication for Sustainable Economic Development

Effect of Rapeseed Oil Methyl Ester-Butanol Blend at Various EGR and VCR on Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine

Analysis of Action of Polypropylene Fiber on M-30 Concrete by Supplementing Cement with Fly ash and GGBS

Design and Analysis of an Unfired Pressure Vessel for Conducting Pressure Test

The OSI Model: Overview on the Seven Layers of Computer Networks

Effect of Steel Fiber on M30 Grade Concrete by Substation of Fly Ash in Varying Percentage of Cement and Fine Aggregate Replaced by M Sand by 60%

Influence of Different Materials to Improve the Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil