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 International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology
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Conference : RAME-17

  • Experimental Investigations on Egg Shell and Coconut Shell Bio Composites
    R. Girimurugan ; S. Sabarish; S. Sathish; N. Sathish Kumar; M. Vijaya Sankar

    Pages: 1 - 8

  • Investigation of Micro hole Process Parameters of Copper Alloy and Stainless Steel using Micro ECM
    K.Selvaraj ; N.Senniangiri; V.C.Aravindkumar; S.Dineshkumar; S.Dilipkumar

    Pages: 9 - 18

  • Vibration Studies on Ball Bearing Considering Solid Contaminants in Lubricants
    P.Kamalesan ; P.Santhoshkumar; M.Magudeswaran; S.A.Srinivasan; R.Girimurugan

    Pages: 19 - 24

  • Design and Analysis of Wheel Rim with Spiral Flexures
    G.Radhakrishnan ; V.R.Palaniappan; M.Magudeswaran; S.A.Srinivasan; R.Girimurugan

    Pages: 25 - 30

  • Wind Flow Analysis on a Complex Vertical Axis Wind Turbine using CFD
    C.Pradeepkumar ; J.Jayaraj; P.Tamizhselvan; M.Soundararajan; M.Magudeswaran

    Pages: 31 - 37

  • Analysis of Vehicle Suspension System Subjected to forced Vibration using MAT LAB/Simulink
    P.Mohan ; K.V.Poornachandran; P.Pravinkumar; M.Magudeswaran; M.Mohanraj

    Pages: 38 - 43

  • Optimization of Cutting Parameters for Aluminum and Silicon Carbide Composite using Taguchi’s Techniques
    V.P.Krishnamurthy ; M.Magudeswaran; S.A.Srinivasan; K.Rubha; K.Kokilavani

    Pages: 44 - 47

  • Flow Simulation of Diesel Engine for Prolate Combustion Chamber
    R.Krishnakumar ; P.Duraimurugan; M.Magudeswaran; R.Girimurugan; S.A.Srinivasan

    Pages: 48 - 52

  • Spray Characteristic Analysis of Diesel Injector with Biodiesel
    E.Deeparaj ; B.Vivek; D.Gunasekaran; N.Satheeshkumar; M.Magudeswaran

    Pages: 53 - 61

  • Optimization and Analysis of Mouth Piece Plate Material in Butter Packing Machine
    M.Prakash ; D.Kesavan; R.Udhaya Kumar; C.Vignesh; K.S.Dharani Dharan

    Pages: 62 - 67

  • Hydrogen Electrolyser An Approach to Increase Fuel Efficiency in Spark Ignition Engines
    R.Maheshkumar ; L.Kavinkumar; A.Jayasuriya; T.N.Saravanan; V.Jayaprakash

    Pages: 68 - 72

  • Design and Fabrication of Sand Separator System in Bagasse Plant
    Nitika Mehta ; Karthick.S; Parthiban.M; Padmavathy.S; Sharmila Devi.G

    Pages: 73 - 79

  • Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Bamboo Based Hybrid using Vinyl Ester Resin for Automotive Components
    Prof.T.Anandaraj ; Dhivakar K; Boopathinanda M; Boopathi M; Diwakar P

    Pages: 80 - 84

  • Investigation of Tensile Strength and Water Absorption Behavior of Snake Grass Fiber with Poly Lactic Acid
    C. Thiruvasagam ; P. Pradeep; R. Prathap; A. Praveen; K. Premkumar

    Pages: 85 - 89

  • Production of Biodiesel from used Cooking Oil
    S.Gopalakrishnan ; J.Ubaidullah; P.Shanmugasundaram; K.Yuvaraj; T.Tamilarasu

    Pages: 90 - 95

  • Current Trends in Bumper Design for Pedestrian Impact
    M. Sheik Sujavudeen ; J.Tamilselvan; C.Venkatesh; M.Hariharan; K. Premkumar

    Pages: 96 - 103

  • Investigation of Biogas Production from Euphorbia Lactea and Cow Dung under Mesophilic Condition through Anerobic Digestion
    M. Chandrasekar ; T. Kumaran; S. Manikandan; A. Imthiyaz; Prof. N. Naveen Kumar

    Pages: 104 - 108

  • Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
    R. Sanjay ; S. SreyasAnand; Tamilselvan Senthilkumar; G. Vignesh; M. Sathish Kumar

    Pages: 109 - 111

  • Analysis of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Neem and Mustard Oil Blends with Diesel as an Alternative Fuel in VCR Engine
    B. Gokul ; V. Jayaseelan; R. MohanRaj; A. Poovarasan; Mr. R. Boopathi

    Pages: 112 - 117

  • Anti-Theft, Wheel Locking System along with Side Locking Mechanism
    S. Imthiyas ; S. Karuppusamy; M. Muhamed Wahaith; G. K. Naveenkumar; J. Sasikumar

    Pages: 118 - 120

  • Precocious Evaluation of Unconsumed Stresses of Compound Plate Structure through Welding Simulation
    Shyam Mohan ; J. Anantharaj; R. Ramaraj; A. Thamaraikumar

    Pages: 121 - 126

  • Cooling Effect on Two Wheeler Helmet with PCM
    R. Alex Arputhanathan ; B. Gokulakrishnan; T. Mathan; B. Rajkamal; R. Rathinavelu

    Pages: 127 - 130

  • Mechanical Characterization of 3D Printed Polymers for Fiber Reinforced Polymers Processing
    R. Pranesh Nandhi ; M. D. Karthick; B. Nethaji; V. Bharathi

    Pages: 131 - 139

  • Study and Design of Automated Pneumatic Cooling System with Cost Analysis
    R. Arjun Raj ; S. Ajith Kumar; V. Dhivakaar; R. Gowtham; M. Jeeva Rathanam

    Pages: 140 - 142

  • Optimization of EDM Parameters on EN31 Steel Material using Taguchi Technique
    G. Mohankumar ; M. Ravi; V. S Revanth; M. Sakthivel; J. Saranraj

    Pages: 143 - 146

  • Design and Analysis of Vortex Generator to Reduce Drag Force in Sedan Vehicle
    Ms. Vidhyasri. E ; Mr. Narentharan T. E; Mr. Naveenkumar. M; Dr. Murali Manohar. R; Mr. Sathishkumar.S

    Pages: 147 - 156

  • Pneumatic Three Axis Modern Trailer
    S. Ayyappan ; S. Balakrishnan; R. Janakar; K. Nigesk; Prof. S. Sathiyamooryhi

    Pages: 157 - 159

  • Study of Automobile Pollution Survey for Higher end Saloon Cars
    S. Dharun ; S. Kailasam; G. Naveen; M. Suman; N. Arulmurthi

    Pages: 160 - 163

  • Auto Indexing Gear Cutting Attachment for Shaping Machine
    S. Baskaran ; M. Deepak Chakravarthy; R. Jeghankumar; P. Pradeep; Prof. K. Mohansivakumar

    Pages: 164 - 166

  • Plastic Pyrolysis
    G.Prasanth ; A.Ranjith Murugan; V.R.Sabarieswaran; S.Satheesh; Prof. K.Mohansivakumar

    Pages: 167 - 169

  • Air Pollutions Effect and Control Methods in Foundries Industries
    G. Kavin ; Dr. N. Shivasankaran; M. Anbalakan; P. Janarthanan; N. Vivek

    Pages: 170 - 174

  • Experimental Investigation on Performance of Refrigerant System using Titanium Dioxide
    T. Vasudevan ; N. Prakash; U. Vishnuprasath; S. Prasath; Prof. C. Chelladurai

    Pages: 175 - 180

  • Pneumatic Disc Brake System by using Engine Exhaust Gas - Fueled with Pongamia Bio-Diesel
    P. Varatharaju ; K. S. Madhusudhanarao; B. Mariappan; R.Nanthakumar; R.Ravikumar

    Pages: 181 - 183

  • Comparative Analysis of Drag Force in various Car Bodies using CFD - A Review
    Boopathi ; Kapil Kumar; Karthik Vijentra; Kuralarasan; Karthi

    Pages: 184 - 186

  • Performance Characteristics of Karanja Oil in VCR Engine with Methanol at Two Different Compression Ratio
    M. Goudilyan ; S. AravindKumar; M. Boopathiraja; G. Kumanan; R. S. Tanish

    Pages: 187 - 190

  • Fabrication of Automatic Feed Pneumatic Vice
    T. Sureshkumar ; E. Divek; G. Sasikumar; P. Vasanthakumar; S. P. Manikandan

    Pages: 191 - 194

  • Design and Fabrication of Hybrid Bicycle to Produce Power
    G. Mohankumar ; M. SatheeshKumar; B. SathishKumar; K. RanjithKumar; V. SaranKumar

    Pages: 195 - 198

  • Design and Modification of Hydraulic Circuit in Hydraulic Pressing Machine
    B. Parthiban ; R. Tamilselvan; S. Suresh; R. Sunil Muthu Kumar; S. Venkatesakumar

    Pages: 199 - 203

  • Effect of Nano-Fluid Additiveon Emission Reduction in Biodiesel
    A.Arun ; V. David Anson; R. Manoj Kumar; C. Murali; C. Ganeshram

    Pages: 204 - 210

  • Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Plates
    V. David Anson ; A.Arun; R. Manoj Kumar; K.Gowrishankar; N.Thirumalaisamy

    Pages: 211 - 217