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High Performance Concrete

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International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology
Volume 4 Issue - 1
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors : Dr. Vidula Sohoni ; Shubham Jain; Shubham Bajaj; Himanshu Shekhar; Saurav Kumar Verma


     title={High Performance Concrete},
     author={Dr. Vidula Sohoni, Shubham Jain, Shubham Bajaj, Himanshu Shekhar and Saurav Kumar Verma},
     journal={International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology},
     publisher={IJIRST (International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology)},


The objective of this study is to analyse the performance of Microsilica and Fly Ash in concrete when it is mixed in cement concrete for workability and strength of concrete using OPC 53 grade. Efforts are to improve and develop high performance concrete with the help of past years result which suggests that by the use of cement replacement materials for some determined percentage along with admixtures can help to increase the strength and consistency characteristics of concrete. This study analyzes the performance of concrete mix for compressive strength of cubes at 7 and 28 days and flexural strength of beams for 28 days respectively for M-25 grade concrete. To analyse these properties of concrete, the total investigation was conducted into three groups. The first beam will be a normal beam (Type N); in second beam we replace aggregate by microsilica and fly ash in tension zone (Type NT); in third beam we will replace aggregate in whole beam by fly ash and microsilica (Type NA). Super plasticizer was used to increase the workability at water-cement ratio of 0.43 for all combinations. On the basis of past result the replacement of cement by Microsilica and Fly Ash was found to increase in strength.


Fly ash, High Performance Concrete, Microsilica, Super plasticizers, Workability

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